Large trucking fleets, equipment rental companies, fishing boats, oil & gas companies, and other commercial and industrial customers have been successfully using the Fuel Max Plus+ technology for years. Why? Because they experience significant fuel savings, less carbon buildup in their engines, less smoke out the tailpipe, less water and algae contamination, and less wear in their injectors and upper cylinders. In short, better performance and lower maintenance costs.

Xtreme Green® has now modified the technology to also be used in gasoline engines in addition to diesel engines so that consumers can enjoy the same benefits.

The Xtreme Green® Fuel Max Plus+ technology has been subjected to the most stringent testing of any product we know of, including testing by some of the largest and most prestigious testing laboratories in the United States. We can safely say that most people get overall about a 15% improvement in gas mileage and fuel consumption with our Power Shots, with a range of 5%-30%.